Daily Giz Wiz 156: Saitek Eclipsed II

Episode 156 of the podcast

Saitek Eclipsed II
Subject: Review of Saitek Eclipsed II
Released:Monday 25 September 2006
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0156.mp3 (10 MB)

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Short info

The Saitek Eclipse II illuminated keyboard with patented illumination control.

Detailed information

The Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard is an LED-lit keyboard, and you can switch the colour from red to blue to purple, with a dimmer function.  This was the FedEx delivery to Dick during the recording of Episode 150.

You say ergonomical, I say economical ...

... Dick and Leo at cross-purposes.  So what's new?

The Budding Businessman

Dick wanted to be a writer but his father would have none of it and sent him to a business school, where Dick learned touch-typing, which ultimately helped his writing.  Dick's career as a businessman was nipped in bud when Mad accepted his article.

Did you know?

Dick's father made architectural bronze grilles for riverbanks.  The railings outside the Oyster Bar near Grand Central Station in New York were all designed by him.


Learn the art of swearing in print from Dick, which Dick puts to good use in writing for Mad about Chef Ramrod in Yell's Kitchen.

The Big Finish

The current letters jingle is from Finland, and according to Dick, the one with the big finish

DGW Commercials

A listener has written in to support the ads.  Dick has to spend $12,000 to $15,000 a year going to all the fairs and trade shows.

Cool Cooler

A listener went to the LA County Fair recently and saw the cool Cruzin' Cooler (Episode 101) in action, plus the Scrolling LED Name Tag (Episode 109).

Match Game Special

The special programme on Match Game will air in October 2006 on the Game Show Network.

Mad Minute

Another repeat of sex therapist Dr Rude.

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