Daily Giz Wiz 203: Brookstone Home Wireless Weather Station

Episode 203 of the podcast

Brookstone Home Wireless Weather Station
Subject: Review of Brookstone Home Wireless Weather Station
Released:Wednesday 29 November 2006
Length:about 15 minutes
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Detailed information

A device which detects your location and displays a 5-day weather forecast of your locality, which is fetched from AccuWeather via radio signals.

Happy 50th!

Today is Leo's 50th birthday.

Google, anyone?

Leo aspires to be the Google Girl.

Jingle Writer

George Wood is back into music and has written other jingles for Leo including one for net@nite.

Blinded by Laughter

Bradley from Canada sits in class looking forward to DGW.  He listens to it before homework and gets blinded by laughter.  On weekends he finds himself wishing for another.  He tried to catch up with the old episodes, listened to 25 a day, and felt a bit woozy.  The doctor now says one DGW a day only.

The Real Match Game Story - The Truth Behind The Blank

The Match Game Special has been aired, but will be repeated.  The first ever Match Game question was "Mary liked to pour gravy on John's            ."

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