Daily Giz Wiz 864: Weather Direct

Episode 864 of the podcast

Weather Direct
Subject: Review of Weather Direct
Released:Thursday 2 July 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Beat the weatherman to the report with Weather Direct.

Detailed information

Weather Direct WD-3103
4-Day Internet Powered Wireless Forecaster
Link: Weather Direct

Weather Direct by La Crosse Technology makes a huge catalogue of weather stations with a whole range of different functions, which Dick first talked about in Episode 501, after CES 2008.  The WD-3103 is described as a 4-Day Internet-Powered Wireless Forecaster.  Hook up the Secure Weather Gateway to your router, and 24-hour weather information on your chosen location (from a choice of 60,000 locations) will be sent wirelessly (up to 330 feet) to the display unit.  Also included is the TX-50U wireless temperature sensor which sits in your backyard or garden and keeps track of your own outdoor temperature.
No subscription is required for weather information on one selected location.  There are subscription packages if you want to receive forecasts alerts or severe wether alerts, or just add 4 more monitored locations.  You can also check whether there is a location near you from Weather Direct's list of locations.
One-Click PerilThe WD-3103 is available on Amazon, which means one-click trigger-happy Leo has ordered it through his membership of Amazon Prime.  Leo has to ask TWiT intern Abby Laporte, who is around in the studio, to stop him by slapping him hard.  This obsessive buying reminds Dick of Bill Gaines.  When Bill learned from Dick that the Casio TE2500 Dictionary Watch (Episode 45) was available at a reduced price, he thought it was a great bargain and bought one for everyone at MAD.
A New Journey for LeoToday, Leo and Henry will be heading to Tokyo on Northwest Airlines Flight 27, en route to his China Tour.  Leo is most looking forward to seeing the Forbidden City in Beijing, which commoners were prohibited from entering, in China's imperial days.
Kung FuKung Fu star David Carradine, who played Kwai Chang Caine aka Grasshopper in the show, passed away on 3 June 2009.  This reminds Dick of a MAD magazine parody of Kung Fu, featuring "Mosquito" who chose a blade of grass over a sack of gold, and got slammed by his master.  Hence the title of the satire - Kung Fool.  Check out collectmad.com and look for Issue 164 in January 1974.
A Visit to Skywalker RanchLeo had the privilege of visiting the Skywalker Ranch, courtesy of Greg Edmonson and Alan Steinberger, composer and arranger respectively for the sci-fi TV series Firefly, to watch them work with a 70-piece orchestra who were recording music for the PS3 game Uncharted 2.  Leo interviewed them on TWiTLive on 10 June 2009, video at odtv.me.  Those of us who are less fortunate than Leo would have to content ourselves with watching the virtual tours of the Skywalker Ranch, at Skysound.com.

The Sinkable TitanicThis is the 3rd letter about Episode 844.  John Paradox, a parody writer for the Daily Giz Wiz (see Episode 520), reminds Dick and Leo, who were wondering what Titanic musicals there were, about the Unsinkable Molly Brown, which was first a musical, and then a film.

Welcome to HellJeff Lundberg, from Northville, Michigan and long-time listener since Episode 1, has another suggestion for the TWiT Home Office.  Dick and Leo have already got Kalamazoo, but how about Hell, Michigan?  For souvenirs from Hell, try hell2u.com.

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