Daily Giz Wiz 263: Digital Hero 3 Wrist Camera

Episode 263 of the podcast

Digital Hero 3 Wrist Camera
Subject: Review of Digital Hero 3 Wrist Camera
Released:Wednesday 7 March 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Do you keep dropping your digital camera as you leap from building to building? You need the Digital Hero 3 Wrist Camera!

Detailed information

The Hero 3 takes 3MP stills, 640 x 480 video and 16MB internal memory.  Waterproof.  It can be worn on the wrist, or mounted on your bike, helmet or elsewhere.  A similar product to the Oregon Scientific ATC-2K (Episode 258).

Debut on the Tech Guy

Dick made his debut as the Weekly Giz Wiz on the Tech Guy last week.

Usual Gang Of Idiots

Leo once said that if you want to know what Dick looks like, just imagine a guy with a long handle-bar moustache.  Fernando Garcia from Monterrey, Mexico says that's the case with the usual gang of idiots from Mad: Sergio Aragones, Don Edwing.

Tostino Sponsorship

Leo explains the Tostino joke started when someone working in General Mills emailed Dick and Leo and would very much like to get General Mills involved with DGW.  It turned out he's an engineer in the company, and the matter lies in the hands of the ad agencies.  Leo suggests Tostino get a website first as he can't find it on Google.

Tony the Tiger

Learn all about Tony the Tiger while Leo googles for "Tostino" and keeps getting "Tony".

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