Daily Giz Wiz 268: Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder

Episode 268 of the podcast

Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder
Subject: Review of Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorder
Released:Wednesday 14 March 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

It's an MP3 player with a wireless mic - great for recording lectures, or spying on your enemies. The Spion Wireless Voice Recorder.

Detailed information

This looks like an MP3 Player, and it is, with built-in speaker, FM radio and a voice recorder in the player itself.  But it also has a stand alone wireless microphone that can record conversation from another room, sent on FM frequencies back to the player for recording in WAV format.  1GB capacity, 136 hours of recording.

DGW's Subliminal Messages

A listener Jason has been listening to DGW episodes backwards and has discovered subliminal messages, like Leo picks crappy gadgets.

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