Daily Giz Wiz 315: Sally The Safety Pig

Episode 315 of the podcast

Sally The Safety Pig
Subject: Review of Sally The Safety Pig
Released:Friday 18 May 2007
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0315.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse, Sally The Safety Pig. And we announce the winners in our 300th episode giveaway!

Detailed information

Set the temperature (99 to 120F) you want for the bath water.  Put Sally's tail into the bath and Sally will start squealing.

300th Episode Contest Answer

Dick has picked the word "sponsor", and so far only 2 have answered correctly.  [This show was recorded 2 weeks ahead.]  Leo has picked "LED".  Answers sent in have included Tostino, Tostino-pizza-roll, I'll-be-here.

Leo's Giant Garage Sale

After Leo's last garage sale when Jennifer sold off everything for a dollar, Leo is going to have another garage sale where he will be selling off his old junk.  The Titanium Spork might be going for a song.

Old Modems

Mike Gunn from San Francisco reminisces about signing up to Compuserve using his 300 baud modem which he bought from Quantum Link, a precursor to AOL.

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