Daily Giz Wiz 389: Belkin Network USB Hub

Episode 389 of the podcast

Belkin Network USB Hub
Subject: Review of Belkin Network USB Hub
Released:Thursday 30 August 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0389.mp3 (5 MB)

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Short info

Share card readers, USB drives, and printers wirelessly with the Belkin Network USB Hub.

Detailed information

The Belkin Network USB Hub is a wired router and a USB Hub that comes with server capabilites for network-attached storage (NAS) , printers and other USB devices including scanners.  It comes with an ethernet port for connecting to your network, and 5 USB ports.  It makes it easy to share your printers, scanners and other USB mass storage devices within your own network.
Also check out another Belkin USB hub (though with different functionality altogether) introduced by Dick - the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub using Ultra Wide Band, way back in Episode 3.

Surpassing The Tech Guy

Steve Salisar and/or David from Connecticut congratulates Dick for surpassing The Tech Guy with DGW Episode 381 on Monday 20th August 2007, the most prolific on the TWiT network in terms of episode numbers, since Leo's The Tech Guy radio shows were up to Show No. 380 on Sunday 19th August 2007.
Strictly speaking, DGW Episode 379 ovetook The Tech Guy on Thursday 16th August 2007 and increased the lead with Episode 380 on Friday 17th August.  The Tech Guy Show No. 379 was available for download only on Sunday 19th August and Show No. 380 was available for download only the following week.  So DGW, since Episode 379, has not been equalled by The Tech Guy.  Read the blog on Episode 377.
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