Daily Giz Wiz 409: ScottEVest Hoodie

Episode 409 of the podcast

ScottEVest Hoodie
Subject: Review of ScottEVest Hoodie
Released:Thursday 27 September 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Dick and I love our Scott E-Vest Hoodies - and remember to use the coupon code "TWIT" when ordering any SeV clothing for 20% off!

Detailed information

The Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece is indeed the ultimate hoody, for carrying all your gadgets around without giving you the bulge.  11 pockets in all, Deep Pockets, Magnetic Pocket Enclosures, Hanging Pockets, PAN (personal area network) for connecting and concealing the wires.  Some of the Scottevest Jackets were covered in Episode 34.

Leo loves all the Scottevest stuff, including the Rodeo Microsuede Jacket (which he burnt holes into) and the new Explorer Jacket.  20% off for TWiT listeners, with the coupon code TWiT, or just go to www.scottevest.com/twit.  For a picture of Leo modelling the new Explorer Jacket, go to his blog.


Mike Kunkel from Tennessee gives Dick a chance to get back at Leo.  Responding to Leo's story about the quiz on The Lab with Leo, about the PlayStation One (Leo's Episode 404 error?), Mike writes that there was a PSOne proper released in 2000, in addition to the original PlayStation (from 1994).  Leo repeats the logic about World War I and World War II, but grudgingly accepts that there was a PSOne after reading Wikipedia.

Old IBM Computers

While trying to defend himself from Mike's letter, Leo takes us on a walkabout on old IBM computers:  the IBM Personal Computer (Model 5150) in 1981, the IBM Junior in 1983, and the IBM Personal System/1 (PS/1) in 1990 - with 1MB of memory.

GizWizBiz Inka Pens

Originally there were 100.  Then there were 50.  Now there are only 25 left.

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