Daily Giz Wiz 404: USB Retro Light

Episode 404 of the podcast

USB Retro Light
Subject: Review of USB Retro Light
Released:Thursday 20 September 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Light up your PC in style with the USB Retro Light.

Detailed information

Perpetual Kid

An anonymous listener gave Dick a heads-up about Perpetual Kid, a website devoted to wacky gadgets, along with Stupid.com and Archie McPhee.   This USB light has 6 LEDs and a firm but flexible neck for adjustment.  Comes in 2 colours.

It reminds Dick of his USB Christmas Tree, all lit-up of course.  An example to the right.

Dick and Leo browse through the Perpetual Kid catalogue while doing the show.  They've found the Bush's Last Day Countdown Keychain, the Hillary Nutcracker, and the Darth Vader Dashboard Driver.

The Countdown Keychain can be re-programmed to another event, and Bushslastday.com has a variety of products dedicated to the day, while the Hillary Nutcracker has an official video and theme song.  Check it out on YouTube.

For a whiff of those old familiar scents, try the Crayon Cologne, the Play-Doh Fragrance, or pick another from the variety of available scents.

Leo thinks Henry might like those finger-flipper catapults, like the Cat-A-Pult, but Dick should check out the Nunchuck.

Dick, on the other hand, might introduce Jennifer to the Ex Voodoo Knife Set sometime, which she might find handy when she gets into a mood for the macabre.

New and Improved

This is the new and improved DGW, Leo quips.  He goes on to tell the story of how in one of the daily quizzes on the Lab with Leo, the question was "In what year was the PlayStation One introduced?"  Leo corrected the question, because he thought that it would have been called just the PlayStation, .  Leo's idea was you wouldn't call the first World War "World War I" until you got to World War II.  Unassailable logic, but as it turns out, it doesn't apply to Sony.  See Episode 409.

NBC Chimes Again

Many listeners are still writing in about the NBC Chimes.  Toyota Boy, who has written in previously, agrees that there is some confusion over the NBC chimes, but notes that GEC was founded in 1878.  RCA was founded and held by GEC in 1919.  NBC was founded by RCA in 1926, still held by GEC.  The NBC Chimes were first played in 1929.

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