Daily Giz Wiz 454: Talking First Aid Kit

Episode 454 of the podcast

Talking First Aid Kit
Subject: Review of Talking First Aid Kit
Released:Thursday 29 November 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0454.mp3 (7 MB)

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Short info

A first aid kit that tells you what to do, the Talking First Aid Kit.

Detailed information

An emergency first aid kit that comes with individual packs for treating different types of injury.  Each injury pack is colour-coded, with a printed instruction card, and even has its own audio module which, at the squeeze of a button, will tell you how to treat the injury.

The box comes with a flashlight/booklight which can be clipped on to a pack to illuminate the printed instructions.  Replacement packs are available.

Stop The Jingle !

Jim Nichol complains about the early onset of Christmas.  Stop the madness, he writes.  He's a Scrooge, says Leo.

Happy Birthday ...

... to Leo.

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