Daily Giz Wiz 648: Swann Communications Flashlight DVR

Episode 648 of the podcast

Swann Communications Flashlight DVR
Subject: Review of Swann Communications Flashlight DVR
Released:Wednesday 3 September 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Record video and shoot photos while you find your way with the Swann Communications Flashlight DVR.

Detailed information

Swann Communications' Flashlight DVR is a flashlight which can also take videos/snapshots.  It's a heavy duty flashlight, with 3 levels of brightness, and the infrared sensors provide night vision up to 13 feet.  But you can also turn it into a camcorder for taking videos (640 x 480 MPEG-4), or a camera for taking snapshots.  128MB built-in memory, but has a card slot for mini-SD, up to 2GB.  USB-enabled.

Off To France

Leo's daughter Abby is off to France today.  Leo and Jennifer are going to be a bit teary.


Doug from Stanhope, New Jersey, knows Dick loves doing movie satire in Mad, and writes in about the old TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, which did running commentaries on bad movies.  The creators of the show now produce just the audio running commentary soundtrack which you can download from their website, and play it at the same time as the movie.  It's at RiffTrax.

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