Daily Giz Wiz 455: Bluebird AX3 Sewing Machine

Episode 455 of the podcast

Bluebird AX3 Sewing Machine
Subject: Review of Bluebird AX3 Sewing Machine
Released:Friday 30 November 2007
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0455.mp3 (9.3 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: a classic scam... the Bluebird AX3 "Sewing Machine".

Detailed information

Years ago, Dick received a postcard from a company which said Dick had been chosen by their IBM 4041 computer to be eligible for getting their wonderful sewing machine for a mere $12.87, with a chance to appear on national advertising.  The AX3 was their finest choice model for all your sewing needs.  Dick ordered it so he could expose the scam.  Dick has a photo of the postcard on his site.

Lost Amid the Pyramids

Listener Wayne Thume predicts that Leo will get lost in Egypt despite the tons of gadgets he has with him.  While we will all mourn over Leo, we must all look forward to having Amber MacArthur as DGW's co-host, who can convert all the remaining Mad Minutes in a matter of days, although he will miss the funny sounding name of Petaluma, about which he wrote about in Episode 435.

GizWizBiz USB Smart Button

Sale of Dick's USB Smart Button is a bit slow, despite the wonders it is capable of, but Dick and Leo at least have fun talking about it, and muse about setting up a TWiT Emporium.

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