Daily Giz Wiz 758: GE 911 Lightswitch

Episode 758 of the podcast

GE 911 Lightswitch
Subject: Review of GE 911 Lightswitch
Released:Wednesday 4 February 2009
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Help emergency personnel find your home in an emergency with the GE 911 Lightswitch.

Detailed information

GE 911 Emergency Light Switch

Emergency/Signalling Light Switch
Link: Defense Devices

Loyal listener Mike Gunn brought this gadget to Dick's attention.  The GE 911 Emergency Light Switch has been discontinued by GE, but is still available from many sellers.  Designed to be used with your front porch light, it has 3 power positions: On, Off and Emergency (which sets the light flashing).  When you have to call 911 for an emergency, you put the light switch to the Emergency mode, and the flashing light in your front porch acts as a beacon to guide the emergency services to your house.  You could of course, as Dick and Leo suggest, use it as a signalling light to alert the pizza delivery guy, or the taxi driver who is picking you up.  Dick thinks there should be a Front Porch LED Programmable Messaging System (like the Programmable Licence Plate in Episode 72, and the Programmable Rear Deck Digital Message System in Episode 271).

A similar idea is Emergency Beacon's 911 Light covered by Dick back in Episode 33, which automatically lights up after you dial 911.

Leo's Crown

Dick and Leo refers to a crown given by Jennifer to Leo.  Leo showed it in between shows.  See the blog post for Episode 757 for a video of Leo's crown.

John Ficarra on CNN

While recording the show, Leo manages to watch CNN too, and notices that John Ficarra, Editor-in-Chief of MAD, is on.  It's a piece about Barack Obama, and MAD's latest cover "The First 100 Minutes".  You can watch it on CNN, or youTube.

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A Gadget Hero

Ian from Schenectady, New York, who has been listening since Episode 1, writes to Dick and "the other guy".  His wife doesn't get why he prefers listening to people talk, and he just keeps his head down.  A few months ago, Dick covered the itzbeen (Episode 588).  With a new-born daughter, Ian decided to give the itzbeen to his wife who went everywhere with it religiously.  They gave the itzbeen to a friend, who thought it was the greatest gift she ever received.  It's now become a standard gift to expecting mums.  Ian's wife now wonders if the Giz Wiz has anything else neat for her, and while she still doesn't get why he loves TWiT, she's now a little more understanding when he brings home another LED gadget.

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