Daily Giz Wiz 870: Might Mixer

Episode 870 of the podcast

Might Mixer
Subject: Review of Might Mixer
Released:Friday 10 July 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Mighty Mouse

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Filed in the Mail Order Rip-Offs Section of Dick's Gadget Warehouse, the Mitey Mixer (not to be confused with the current Dynamic MD95 Mitey Handy Mixer which is quite a different product) was a cordless electronic mixer/electric whisk, from about 1990.  Running on 2 D batteries, it was "so powerful it whips skim milk into 'LO-CAL' Whip Cream!"  It was so powerful it would also knock its whisks off when you held the whisks to your nose, as Dick demonstrates.

Last Breath

The weirdest exhibit Leo has ever seen is at the Henry Ford Museum at Dearborn, Michigan: the test-tube containing Thomas Edison's Last Breath.

Caught between Toad Suck and Pickles Gap

Wayne Lunsford from Arkansas, was listening to Episodes 831 and 832 and was surprised to hear about Pickles Gap which became the first TWiT Home Office.  Wayne lives in nearby Conway which, apart from being the home of American Idol Chris Allen, is famous for being the town half-way between Toad Suck and Pickles Gap.  He also offers a sightseeing tour of the neighbourhood for Dick and Leo, including the historical Pickles Gap Village and the Fudge Factory.

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