Daily Giz Wiz 511: The Little Bootie Box

Episode 511 of the podcast

The Little Bootie Box
Subject: Review of The Little Bootie Box
Released:Monday 25 February 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Dick and Leo talk about checking out boats, but first they'll need to use the Little Bootie Box.

Detailed information

The Little Bootie Box is an automatic shoe cover dispenser, which Dick spotted at the recent Miami Boat Show around Valentine's Day.  Put your foot in it, and your shoe will be wrapped in a shoe cover.  Different choices of materials for the shoe covers available.

Jungle Island

But before going to the Boat Show, Dick took the opportunity to drop by the Jungle Island, formely called the Parrot Island.

Gravy No More?

Bill Mulligan from Batavia, New York, who has listened to DGW since Episode 1, was stunned to hear that DGW is now free of trans-fat, cholesterol and starch (Episode 498).  Does that mean that DGW no longer make its own gravy?  Dick and Leo assures us that DGW continues to make its own gravy, even though it might be of the low-cal non-fat kind.

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