Daily Giz Wiz 703: Sponge Bob Eyeball Speakers

Episode 703 of the podcast

Sponge Bob Eyeball Speakers
Subject: Review of Sponge Bob Eyeball Speakers
Released:Wednesday 19 November 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0703.mp3 (8.3 MB)

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Don't look know, it's time to rock out with the Sponge Bob Eyeball Speakers.

Detailed information

Another wacky gadget from Dick.  The SpongeBob Eyeball Speakers have, as the name suggests, two SpongeBob eyeballs which rock to the rhythm of the music.  According to Dick, you might hear some motor noise while playing soft music.  Although it calls itself a "dock", there is no connector dock as such for the iPod or other MP3 players, but just a space on which to rest your MP3 player.
These speakers on their own are bizarre enough, but imagine placing them next to the 500XL iPod Earbuds Speakers (Episode 528) and the Eyeclops Bionic Eye (Episode 361).  That would be surreal.


The Giz Wiz has decided to downsize his life and get rid of his houseboat.  He's just had to repair the damage caused to his boat by a Staten Island Ferry, and is going to donate the houseboat to a marine charity.  But he still has his work boat.
For a glimpse of Dick's boat, try Pride and Glory, which is supposed to feature Dick's boat in the background and has finally been released.  Watch out for a fibre optic Christmas tree.  Revisit Episodes 460 and 461 for the story.

Dick on Humanety

The auction on Humanety for a video chat with Dick has finished.  Dick thinks he's raised about $180 for Animal Haven, in addition to the $1,000 at the Animal Haven Charity Dinner (Episode 693).

Another Vote of Thanks for the Match Game Cards

John Hatton from ColdZone.com bought a set of Match Game Cards from Dick last Christmas as a present for his wife.  One of the cards was a Dumb Dora question.  A piece of history.
There are still some Match Game Cards left from the recently unearthed box.  Go to MatchGameQuestions.com to get the details, where you can also see Dick's cheques for the residuals he received for Match Game and from Family Feud.  For the full story of these residuals, listen to Episode 117.

Match Game Memories, Live

Dick has confirmed that he will be appearing on TWiTLive to do a show with his memories of Match Game and Gene Rayburn on Saturday 29 November (the day Gene passed away, and Leo's birthday), first mentioned by Dick in Episode 688.

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