Daily Giz Wiz 520: Porter Case

Episode 520 of the podcast

Porter Case
Subject: Review of Porter Case
Released:Friday 7 March 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Porter Case.

Detailed information

Dick showed a model of one of the suitcases from Porter Case about 15 years ago on Regis.  It is still in business.  The Porter Case is a carry-on size hard suitcase with wheels and handles that extend into a cart for you load your other luggage on top.  It also makes special Photos Cases and Computer Cases for carrying your photo equipment or laptops.

See the Porter Case in action as a luggage cart:

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John Paradox is writing his own satire of the TWiT network - the Daily Fiz Biz, in which Leo Lapork and Rick Retoto play a jingle, talk about a comparative combination of soft drinks, play a jingle, talk about Rick's writing for a game show, play a jingle, read a letter, play a jingle, say "I'll be here", play a jingle.

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