Daily Giz Wiz 522: Tom Bihn´s Western Flyer

Episode 522 of the podcast

Tom Bihn´s Western Flyer
Subject: Review of Tom Bihn´s Western Flyer
Released:Tuesday 11 March 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Leo's ready for a trip with Tom Bihn’s Western Flyer componentized laptop bag.

Detailed information

Leo was going to do the new Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse, but has decided to leave it for Dick to cover.  Apart from pens and watches, Leo cannot get enough of laptop bagsTom Bihn specialises in bags, which are all well made, sophisticated, componentised, customisable cases with optional add-ons and inserts.

Leo has the Western Flyer, but recommends the SuperEgo for Dick, who can take an Ego Strip with it.  The SuperEgo can carry Dick's laptop with room to double up as an overnight bag.  For the ultimate briefcase, try the Empire Builder.

Extras include the Horizontal Brain Cell (an insert for storing your laptop), the Absolute Shoulder Strap (which tucks away neatly inside the bag but turns your bag into a messenger-style bag), and the Freudian Slip (a briefcase organiser).

Dick has been using a Targus bag for his laptop (probably the Targus Flare Backpack in Episode 394), but is now sorely tempted to get a Tom Bihn bag.

Toasting Don Quixote

Karen Toast Conger, who lives aboard a catamaran and travels around the world with her family (Episode 512), has taken up Leo's invitation and sent him a photo of her boat, the Don Quixote.  It's a Lagoon 380 catamaran.  You can see Toast's boat on her website, and on Flickr too.  She and her two young girls sing along to the Letters Jingle.

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