Daily Giz Wiz 521: Sandisk Flashback

Episode 521 of the podcast

Sandisk Flashback
Subject: Review of Sandisk Flashback
Released:Monday 10 March 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0521.mp3 (6.3 MB)

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Short info

The Sandisk Flashback adapter, which fits any SD card into a notebook ExpressCard slot to backup data.

Detailed information

The SanDisk FlashBack Adapter from SanDisk is essentially an SD card reader/writer adapter for the Express Card slot on your laptop.  It comes with software which you can install on your laptop (Windows only) which you can configure to back up selected data in the background, on to an SD card.

IBM 1130

The Honeywell H316 Pedestal Kitchen Computer (Episode 515) prompted a listener (whose name Dick forgets to mention) to write in.  Back in 1970, he had a 5-year lease on an IBM 1130 with a card reader, printer and cartridge and tech support, for $2,000.   That's $2,000 a month.  For more on its history, visit IBM's archives.

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