Daily Giz Wiz 763: Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell

Episode 763 of the podcast

Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell
Subject: Review of Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell
Released:Wednesday 11 February 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Charge your devices in an emergency with the world's first personal portable, fuel cell, the 20 watt-hour Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell.

Detailed information

Inside the Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell is a fuel cartridge which, when activated, the chemical energy stored in the liquid fuel is converted into electrical engery.  After activating the fuel cell by squeezing the fuel cell box, you first connect the supplied power cable connector to the fuel cell, then connect the cable to the appropriate power tip for your device to start charging.  After use, you can send the fuel cell box back to Medis, instructions for which are included in the packaging.

There are different starter kits available.  The most basic is the Power Pack, which includes one fuel cell, the power cable connector, and 4 hot tips (mini USB, LG, Palm Treo and Nokia).  Hot tips are available for other devices, including Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones.  Check out the Medis Compatibility List.

Infrastructure Development at TWiT Cottage

Leo is planning on kick-starting the economy with more infrastructure development at TWiT Cottage: air-conditioning and more velvet drapes.  Dick wonders why Leo wants the funeral home look.

Country Jingle

After listening to the Dan Lueders Celebrity versions of the Letters Jingle, George Wood's original version sounds new to Dick.  Leo promises but forgets to play Paul Minshall's Country Jingle.  You can hear it towards the end of Episode 732, or go to Paul's website to get the link to the MP3 file: http://paulminshall.com/themes.

A Boon to Data Entry

Since Taylor D from Arkansas found the Daily Giz Wiz on iTunes, he's been listening to it for 6 months.  He's tried out the Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses (Episode 692), which have come as a great relief for his eyes, when he has to do 8 to 10 hours of data entry in front of the computer every day.  No more double vision for Taylor.

GizWizBiz and Mad Stuff

Don't forget the GizWizBiz Cap is still available, and so is the USB Smart Button (only 4 left).  Here's Mad In Your Eye is sold out, but you can get Dick's Good Days and Mad.  Check out GizWiz Shopping and Buy Mad Stuff.

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