Daily Giz Wiz 533: Crazy Talk

Episode 533 of the podcast

Crazy Talk
Subject: Review of Crazy Talk
Released:Wednesday 26 March 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Easily create animations of your friends and pets with Reallusion's Crazy Talk.

Detailed information

CrazyTalk5 is a piece of software for creating face animation effects from a photo.  Start with a photo of a face, indicate where the eyes are, add a sound file and you'll have an animated puppet lip-sync'ed to the sound file.  Check out the Pro version which has more features.  Windows only.

Andy Marken is including 5 copies of CrazyTalk5 as prizes in the recent contest.

A Spoonerism from Leo

Leo does a spoonerism on his animated character Dev Null from his old show "The Site" from MSNBC, and calls him Nev Dull.  Dick simply calls him Dull Nev.


Leo was complaining about the dominance of iTunes over the distribution of podcasts some time ago.  Bill from Hawaii (the same Bill from yesterday's DGW?) writes in to recommend MyPodder on PodcastReady, which works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Mad April

Mad's April issue will have a cartoon of the Mad Staff in monkey form.  Dick is called Stompy Ding Dong.

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