Daily Giz Wiz 694: Belkin Conserve 8

Episode 694 of the podcast

Belkin Conserve 8
Subject: Review of Belkin Conserve 8
Released:Thursday 6 November 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Conserve energy with the Belkin Conserve 8 surge protector with six remote switched outlets.

Detailed information

In Episode 682, Leo gave Dick a choice of 2.  Dick outdoes Leo today by offering Leo a choice of 3 gadgets:  something from Cable Organizer (see Episode 553), a new watch from Casio (neither of which Dick has actually seen), or a box from Belkin (and Dick has no idea what's inside).  Leo decides to play "What's In The Box?" again.

For previous instances of "What's In the Box?", see Episodes 379, 518, 541, 557.

With his Zibra OpenIt (Episode 496), Dick opens the package and inside is the Belkin Conserve 8, an energy-saving 8-outlet power strip with surge protector and remote switch.  It has 8 power outlets, 2 of which are "Always On", while the remaining 6 widely spaced outlets are "Remote Switched", which can be turned off using the remote control, e.g. as you leave your house.  The remote switch comes with a wall mount.  Conserve 8 even comes with cable management clips.

Favourite Episodes of DGW

Blind listener Danny Noonan from Australia, whose last letter appeared on the show in Episode 465, writes in to salute Dick and his lesser sidekick called Leo.  On the subject of favourite episodes of DGW, Danny has to add Episode 598, the Uroclub, which his gadget-loathing wife Sam enjoyed, even the second time around.

Dan Lueders

Danny himself is a bass teacher, pays tribute to Dan Lueders for his themes, and wonders what musical instruments he uses in his themes.  You can check out Dan Lueders on the following websites: Why Me Studio; Dan on urSESSION.

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