Daily Giz Wiz 706: Kill A Watt Power Strip

Episode 706 of the podcast

Kill A Watt Power Strip
Subject: Review of Kill A Watt Power Strip
Released:Monday 24 November 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Save energy while you measure how much you're using with the Kill-A-Watt Power Strip...

Detailed information

Dick and Leo have referred to the Kill A Watt in passing before, in Episodes 553 and 642.  This new product, called Kill A Watt PS, retains the main functions of the previous gadget - electricity usage monitor with surge protection - but adds a power strip (8 extensions) to the bargain.

The monitor itself can give you information on how much electricity you are using.  It can now also check the quality of your power supply by monitoring voltage, line frequency, amperage and leakage.  The on/off switch also gives you a soft power up to prevent power spikes.  The circuit breaker is adjustable to a choice of 2, 5 10 or 15 Amps.  It even includes an EMI filter reducing AC power noise.

Seasonal Letters Jingle

Jared Heffner from Indiana wants more seasonal versions of the Letters Jingle, in addition to the Festive Version.  A Spring version with violins and birds, a 4th July version, and a Halloween version.  Leo asks George Wood, one of our theme-meisters, to get to work.

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