Daily Giz Wiz 564: The Socket Pocket

Episode 564 of the podcast

The Socket Pocket
Subject: Review of The Socket Pocket
Released:Thursday 8 May 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Store your recharging items over an unused socket with The Socket Pocket.

Detailed information

The Socket Pocket by Perfect Curve is just a container to hold your mobile device while it is being charged, without having a great length of cable dangling down the wall and your device cluttering up the floor or your work surface.  Unscrew one of the screws on the socket plate and screw in the socket pocket through one of the openings at the back, while the cable can come through the opening at the bottom.  Available in white and beigey (or butter cream).

An idea similar to the Drinn, the WTHII gadget for November 2007.  See Episode 462.


Learn about waist management and the omentum.

Saving Endangered Namesakes

Adam Merkley of the RSL Show (Real Salt Lake, a professional soccer club in Utah) and AYL Soccer was reminded by Leo's story of the Save The Tasmanian Devil Fund of his grandfather's experience at the old Jaguar factory in England.  Apparently Jaguar used to make donations to South America to save its namesake, and now still donates money to help preserve the rainforests in South America.  Adam suggests that Warner Brothers should help save the Tasmanian Devil because of Taz the cartoon character.  Dick says the Mad Crew first.  They're still trying to get Time Warner to give them folks at Mad a Christmas Party.

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