Daily Giz Wiz 569: ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser

Episode 569 of the podcast

ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser
Subject: Review of ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser
Released:Thursday 15 May 2008
Length:about 22 minutes
Download file:dgw0569.mp3 (10.2 MB)

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Short info

Hey, you put your tape dispenser in my USB hub and now it's a ThinkGeek USB Tape Dispenser.

Detailed information

From ThinkGeek, the home of wacky gadgets, this Scotch Tape Dispenser is also a USB Hub with swinging ports.  It comes with an LED light and the tape too!

Dick thinks they should make a DGW-branded Toothpick Bird USB Hub.

For a previous equally wacky USB hub, see Episode 161, the Self-Destruct Button USB Hub.

WTHII April '08

It's not a juicer.  What a shocker!  It's a Roller Drying Cup.

Dick's Radio Studio

As a child, Dick built his own radio studio which broadcast on to the front lawn, and played pranks among the hedges.  That's the budding entertainer at work.

Seinfeld's Soup Nazi

No one at Mad dared go and buy soups at The Original Soup Man because his reputation preceded him.

Rowing with Audible

Leo gives more details about his podcasting plans with female rower Roz Savage who is going to try to be the first woman to row solo across the Pacific.

Video or Audio

Brian Taylor from Walnut, California is in a dilemma.  He watched the streaming video of Dick and Leo recording the show.  Now he has nothing to listen to for the next week.  He suggests they do 2 sets of episodes, one on video, and one just with the audio.

Twitter Again

Leo wants to know if the SoupySales on Twitter, who is profane and very funny, is the Soupy Sales.  Dick is now on Twitter as well.  Follow him at thegizwiz on Twitter, or follow Alfred E Neuman on Twitter.

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