Daily Giz Wiz 59: Superman Returns Inflato Suit

Episode 59 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Superman Returns Inflato Suit
Released:Thursday 11 May 2006
Length:about 7 minutes
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Short info

It's not just for Halloween any more. The Superman Returns Inflato Suit turns any kid into the Man of Steel. Around $30.

Detailed information

The picture says it all.  A battery operated fan inflates the suit with air.  Apparently adult sizes available too.

Leo the Sumo Wrestler

One Halloween at TechTV Leo wore a sumo-wrestler suit with a fan in the butt that inflated the suit.  Leo tries to explain his butt away by claiming rather unconvincingly that he's still wearing that suit.

Dick's Website

In addition to his numerous domains, Dick has just bought the www.thedailygizwiz.com too.

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