Daily Giz Wiz 608: Eye-Fi Explore

Episode 608 of the podcast

Eye-Fi Explore
Subject: Review of Eye-Fi Explore
Released:Wednesday 9 July 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Geotag and upload your photos automatically via Wi-Fi with the Eye-Fi Explore.

Detailed information

Wireless SD Card with Geotagging

The makers of the Eye-Fi Wirelss SD Card (Episode 441) have updated their product.  Apart from bumping up the capacity to 2GB (with the same wireless connectivity and uploading capability), the new Eye-Fi Explore adds geotagging to your photos by noting the locations of the wifi hotspots or networks which have been mapped by Skyhook Wireless using its Wifi Positioning System that currently covers 70% of the population in North America, the top 50 metropolitan areas in Europe (and 70% of the population in the UK, France and Germany) and is seeking to expand its coverage into Asia.
In addition to the Skyhook geotagging service, it also comes with one year's free Wayport Hotspot access, which has over 10,000 hotspots in the US, renewable for $19 a year.
Its webshare feature now includes many popular photo sharing and printing sites, social networking sites and blogging sites, such as Flickr, SmugMug, Picassa, PhotoBucket, FaceBook, Vox, TypePad and even Wal-Mart.

The Spork Makes it to the Big Screen

Neil Chitel reports that the Spork has made it to Hollywood, in the latest Disney Pixar film Wall-E.  Leo suspects the Toothpick Bird will appear in the sequel.

TWiT Cottage Slogan

The slogan around the TWiT Cottage is "Feeling down, feeling depressed?  Get the hell out of my sight."  No State or Federal Labour Law applies in the Duchy of TWiTdom.  The future looks grim for Dane and Colleen.

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