Daily Giz Wiz 644: Franklin Talking Spelling Bee

Episode 644 of the podcast

Franklin Talking Spelling Bee
Subject: Review of Franklin Talking Spelling Bee
Released:Thursday 28 August 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

You and your friends can test your speling skills with the Franklin Speaking Spelling Bee.

Detailed information

The Speaking Spelling Bee from Franklin is a handheld game station with a qwerty keyboard, for playing spelling games.  You can compete against the machine itself, or against your friends (up to 6 players).  It also has a Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Thesaurus and Rhyming Dictionary.  For children ages 8 upwards.

Happy Birthday

... to Henry Laporte who turns 14 today.  Dick wonders what Henry is getting for his birthday, which explains his expressionless face resembling those depicted in Grant Wood's painting American Gothic.  Henry is getting, with the help of Colleen, a skateboard made of aircraft aluminium, and Corinthian leather, just like the Chrysler Cordova, as advertised by Ricardo Montalban.

A Family Affair

The Epistle of the Day is from Brian Drake again, of Gallatin, Tennessee.  Jennifer Laporte thinks the slogan "The worse your life is, the better we sound" terrible.  Since she is a mental health professional, she should start treating listeners of DGW.

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