Daily Giz Wiz 651: Leapster 2

Episode 651 of the podcast

Leapster 2
Subject: Review of Leapster 2
Released:Monday 8 September 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0651.mp3 (6.5 MB)

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Short info

Kids connect for more activities and parents get online updates with the Leapster 2 learning game system.

Detailed information

This is version 2 of Leapster from Leapfrog, for children 4 to 8.  A learning system (or handheld gaming console) for children, with learning games.  Now it can be connected to the TV as well.   Parents can also check the progress of the child online.

Tug Boat Races

Dick was off boating over the Labor Day Weekend, and witnessed some tug boat racing, while Leo and Jennifer helped Abby pack before her trip to France.

A New Hat for Leo

Leo got a freebie from Cat of Let's Knit Together.

New Parking Meters

Another Festive Letters Jingle is played in the heat of September, while Leo sips his tomato and basil hot soup.  Yowan Pearson from Montreal was listening to Episode 616 (Parking Meter Alarm) in which Dick and Leo talked about the price of parking.  In downtown Montreal, most of the parking is 3 or 4 dollars an hour.  Parking meters are now replaced by an electronic parking booth - no need for coins, but you cannot add time to your previous payment.

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