Daily Giz Wiz 664: Kodak Zi6

Episode 664 of the podcast

Kodak Zi6
Subject: Review of Kodak Zi6
Released:Thursday 25 September 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0664.mp3 (8.2 MB)

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Short info

Record 720p HD video and easily upload it to YouTube with the Kodak Zi6.

Detailed information

The Zi6 from Kodak is a pocket-size camcorder that takes HD video (720p at 60 fps or 30 fps), or VGA video, using H.264 encoding, targeting the market currently enjoyed by the Flip.  It has a 1.6 megapixel CMOS, 2x zoom lens, speakers and a mono microphone.  Built-in memory is only 128MB, with a SD card slot supporting SDHC, up to 32GB.  Transfer of video files to the computer is via a USB connection that flips out from one side (where there is also a little mirror for taking video of yourself).  Component and AV output (cables included).  Controls are minimal, mainly via the central 4-way round button.  You can also take still images with the camera (3 megapixel, interpolated), with a macro function (at 2 inches).  The tripod mount is 1/4 inch standard.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, but the video software provided is for Windows only - ARCSOFT Media Impression.  The package includes the cables, 2 AA NiMH batteries and a charger.

Pre-Letters Jingle Jingle Revisited

Pants Commander and fellow podcaster Evan Pedersen, of Fancy Pants Gangsters (who last wrote in Episode 598), is reminded by a jingles blast in a recent DGW episode of MTV's worst-ever rated show The Sifl and Olly Show, which had an "Almost the End of the Show" jingle.  Evan suggests that Dick and Leo should have a pre-letters jingle jingle, so as not to take him by surprise.

This subject has already been well covered, between Episode 266 and Episode 278.  Perl expert, recent Squeak convert and FLOSS Weekly co-host Randal Schwartz suggested a Warning for the Letters Jingle Jingle, and listener Ken from Denver has even written the lyrics for the Introducing the Letters Jingle Jingle, sung by Dick and Leo:

"Here comes the jingle, the lovely jingle, here comes the letters jingle now."

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