Daily Giz Wiz 677: Levenger Surf Desk

Episode 677 of the podcast

Levenger Surf Desk
Subject: Review of Levenger Surf Desk
Released:Tuesday 14 October 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Comfortably use your computer from your bed or lounge chair with the Levenger Surf Desk.

Detailed information

Levenger specialises in tools for readers: furniture, book shelves, wallets, laptop desks, pens and briefcases.  The Surf Desk is a kidney bean shaped surface to be used on the bed, or over the armchair, for use with your laptop or when you just want a firm and spacious surface.  Made of foam core and fibre glass shell.  3 pounds in weight.

Leo has been a fan of Levenger's, and he ran into Steve Leveen and his wife Lori  (founders of Levenger) for the first time in Egypt of all places.

A TTTT Bonus

Geeks love pens.  So does Leo.  His favourite at the moment is the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen.

Parasitic Mileage

Regular correspondent and car buff Brian Drake has a story to tell about the Smart Car.  A semi tractor trailer truck in Germany ran into a Smart Car on an autobahn.  That the driver of the Smart Car survived is not the amazing part of the story.  Nor is fact that the driver of the truck failed to see the Smart Car driver waving at him through the sun-roof.  The amazing part of the story is that the driver of the truck only stopped after the police pulled him over, miles away from the impact, and told him that he had a car stuck into the front end of the truck.

Leo's wife Jennifer does not find the story reassuring.  But just think of the mileage of the Smart Car, muses Dick.

Brian Drake recommends other alternatives for Abby, also tiny and just as distinctive.  One is the King Midget:

Another is a French-made cycle-car with motor.  You can turn of the motor and just pedal away.  Brian can't remember the name of the car.  Dick thinks it must be the Pedaluma.  It may well be one of the Velocars made by Charles Mochet (later models had small engines), as indeed one of them is at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, as Brian says.  The MicroCarMuseum has lots of pictures of these small cars.

The Tucker

Brian calls himself a Tucker fan.  The Tucker was the car designed by Preston Tucker, the subject of a 1988 Francis Ford Coppola movie called Tucker: The Man And His Dream.  Read about it on Wikipedia.

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