Daily Giz Wiz 676: HP HDX-18 Laptop

Episode 676 of the podcast

HP HDX-18 Laptop
Subject: Review of HP HDX-18 Laptop
Released:Monday 13 October 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0676.mp3 (8.3 MB)

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Short info

Replace your desktop and send Skype video with the 18" HP HDX-18 laptop with Blu-ray and eSATA port.

Detailed information

A new series of notebooks from HP, the HDX-18 Premium series.  Intel Core 2 Duo (from 2.26 to 2.8 GHz), 3GB memory, 512 MB nVidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics card, 18.4" LCD screen (1920 x 1080), HDMI out, with built-in webcam and blu ray player with DVD burning capability, 802.11n wifi, 2.1 Altec Lansing speakers (capable of 7.1 sound output), eSATA port.  A desktop replacement.

An alternative is the HDX-16 Premium series notebooks, which have 16" screens, 1366 x 768 native resolution.

Chicken or Egg?  A Nightmare on D Street

Halloween is big in Petaluma, especially around the turn of the century mansions in D Street, where children scream "Chicken or Egg?".  Meanwhile Dick might dig out his Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet (Episode 433)and T-qualiser T-Shirt (Episode 439) again for Halloween.

A Question of Education

Runtfish runs every day, and has been doing so for 16 years, even through her Caesarean section days.  Gabby wonders what education Dick and Leo have had, as they have never talked about it.  Actually they have, although in bits and pieces (e.g. Episode 134 - Leo's Chinese History major, Episodes 326 and 331 - Leo's Yale reunion, and Episodes 156 and 289 - Dick's attendance at a business school).

Dick explains a bit more about his education.  Although Dick's father put him in a business school, Dick started writing for Mad Magazine when he was still in high school, and later he started working for the NBC show "Concentration".  During his time at NBC, he took a evening degree course at Columbia University in New York, in broadcasting.

Coincidentally, Dick and Leo's father (who is a marine paleo-ecologist) are alumni.  Leo was born when his father was a graduate student at Columbia University (that's why Leo was born in New York - see Episodes 64 and 342).

Leo, on the other hand, went to Yale, majored in Chinese History, and dropped out.

Both Dick and Leo found what they loved to do early and were too impatient to wait till the end of their education.

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