Daily Giz Wiz 678: BudFits

Episode 678 of the podcast

Subject: Review of BudFits
Released:Wednesday 15 October 2008
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

Keep your iPod earbuds secure and comfortable with BudFits.

Detailed information

The iPod earbuds are a real icon of our time, but they're not always the most comfortable fit.  The BudFits are ear hangers or ear loops that stabilise the iPod earbuds over your ears.

A Spare Letter from Leo?

Not only did Leo have a spare gadget yesterday, but today he has a spare letter to read, except he doesn't have the letter at hand.  But of course the amazing Dick DeBartolo has it ready.

Family Bonds

James Taylor was going on the road with his financee Cheryl for an 8-hour drive from Richmond, Virginia to his home State, the Catskills region in New York.  He had a large collection of DGW episodes to play (another DGW marathon).  He was worried that it would drive his fiancee insane, but by the end of the journey, the two of them were singing the jingles together.  "The jingles bring them in, but it's the gadgets that keep them coming back."

James started watching Leo on ZDTV, even cried over the last episode of Call For Help.  He owes it to Leo who has inspired him and his father to embark on the IT road, while he owes it to Dick who has enticed them to fill their homes with clutter.

And James inspires Leo to sing "You've Got A Friend", a reprise of Leo's performance in Episode 33.

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