Daily Giz Wiz 690: Kodak Disc Camera

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Kodak Disc Camera
Subject: Review of Kodak Disc Camera
Released:Friday 31 October 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Kodak Disc Camera.

Detailed information

In 1982, Kodak released a new film format, the Disc Film, and the Disc Camera.  Each Disc Film was contained in a plastic cartridge, had 15 exposures (8mm x 11mm), and the disc would rotate 24˚automatically after each exposure.  Since the film cartridge is flat (unlike traditional film rolls), Disc Cameras could be made much thinner, and the film advanced to the next frame automatically.  Kodak released different models at different price points.  Other manufacturers also made the Disc Film and Disc Film Cameras.  The quality of the prints made from disc film left a bit to be desired, and the format was discontinued.

For pictures of a good range of Kodak Disc Cameras, see ozcamera.com.  For an example of a disc camera made by another manufacturer, see DigicamHistory and scroll down to the 1982 section.

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Self-effacing Jonathan Cost does not specify which podcast he does.  It's Mac Tips Daily, on ThinkMac.net - short daily tips for the Mac.  Check it out.

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