Daily Giz Wiz 689: Travelon Sheets

Episode 689 of the podcast

Travelon Sheets
Subject: Review of Travelon Sheets
Released:Thursday 30 October 2008
Length:about 25 minutes
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Short info

Forget those little bottles at security, lather up with Travelon Sheets instead.

Detailed information

Travelon makes travel accessories, like suitcases, bags, computer cases and even carts.  These Toiletry Sheets come in 6 types: hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, body wash and laundry soap, each in packs of 50 sheets.  Because they're dry, they're TSA-compliant and can be taken on board a flight.
It also has a lot in common with the Daily Giz Wiz and its gravyJust Add Water.

Halloween Capital

Halloween is big in Petaluma, especially in D Street.  They even dress up the chickens!  And when you're tired of costumes, you can see some great bands at the Phoenix Theater and McNear's Mystic Theatre (which must be the only theatre in the States with a British spelling), which Kim and Robin from Wild Planet visited recently.

New Business Opportunities

TSA has created so many new business opportunities: Ziplock bags, TSA travel locks (Episode 38), laptop cases (like the Brenthaven in Episode 674), and now these toiletry sheets.

Security Theatre

Security was tested at various airports recently, with the help of security expert Bruce Schneier.  TSA's protective measures are no more than a "security theater", according to the article "The Things He Carried" in the Atlantic Magazine.

Little Golden Hood on Audible

Join Audible - and get Little Golden Hood narrated by Leo (which is a free download anyway), or Paula Poundstone's "There's Nothing In This Book That I Meant To Say".  Dick's favourite quote from her is "I was such a lonely child that I created 2 imaginary friends, and they would play only with each other."

The Humanety

Geek celebrities including Veronica Belmont, Geoff Smith, Felicia Day, Gary Vaynerchuk and Patrick Norton are taking part in a project by humanety.com, offering a half-hour Skype video chat on auction to the successful bidder.  The money will go to the charity named by the celebrity.  Dick is taking part and his charity is going to be his own favourite, the Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter.  Dick's auction starts today, 30 October 2008.  "Humanety, we're all in this together."

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Ballooning Inventory

Earl of Southfield, Michigan and proud member of the TWiT Army has among others 2 copies of Good Days and Mad (hardcover and paperback), a GizWizBiz Inka Pen, a Plantronics 650 headset, 3 Open-X's, a Flip Ultra.  No Titanium Spork yet but may soon be added to his ballooning inventory.  Purveyors of these gadgets should be begging for sponsorship of DGW.  He's even bought items mentioned on TTTT.  That should be proof enough.

Earl has been listening since Episode 1, and a long-time fan of the Screen Savers from the Kate and Leo days (not the Titanic pair, but Kate Botello and Leo Laporte).

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