Daily Giz Wiz 691: Nirvana Organizer

Episode 691 of the podcast

Nirvana Organizer
Subject: Review of Nirvana Organizer
Released:Monday 3 November 2008
Length:about 26 minutes
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Short info

Keep all your in-flight essentials within reach with the Nirvana Organizer.

Detailed information

"Upgrade to Zen Class."  That's their slogan.  The Nirvana Organizer is a shoulder bag that unzips inside out for direct access to its contents.  Intended as a travel accessory, it can attach itself to an airplane seat tray and hangs in front of you, with customised pockets for the most common travel items that go with you while travelling, such as your passport, ticket, flash memory cards, pens, and even a bottle/cup holder.  But even when carried over your shoulder, it gives you easy access to the contents of the bag.

Apart from using it on a plane, you can also use it on a baby-stroller, in a car and other places.  Watch the demo video on YouTube, or right here:

[play video]

Italian Heritage on Blu Ray

Leo is in an Italian mood as he just watched Godfather on Blu Ray over the weekend, which has much improved quality over the DVD version.  Dick and Leo share their memories of Italian home cooking.  Dick's parents are of Italian descent, as is Mama Laporte.

Leo's Challenge Well Met

In Episode 683 (starting at 18:30), while Dick was introducing his brand new GizWizBiz Cap, Leo said nonchalantly that he would give an iPod to the first surgeon who sends in a picture of himself in surgical gloves wearing the cap in the operating theatre.

Leo should have known, judging from the jingles and themes they receive from listeners whenever they ask for one, that the challenge would be met, and very promptly indeed.  2 emails came in immediately, with doctors and nurses wearing the caps in the operating theatre.

What Leo really meant was a picture of a surgeon actually performing an operation while wearing the cap.  Unfortunatley he did not say that clearly enough, although to be fair, Dick and Leo did say that given Halloween was just around the corner, mere costuming did not count.  Nevertheless, Leo wants to be a good sport, and since he can't tell which email came in first, he's going to send out iPod nanos to all the doctors and nurses.  Now Dick understands why his cheques from Leo bounced, and is quick to add that the offer is now officially over.

So Dr. Wayne Keeling from Reidsville, North Carolina, Dr. Mark Moran, and the nurses, will all be getting an iPod.  Plus a shout-out from Leo to Dr. Moran's sons Brennan and Ryan.

An interesting fact about Dr. Wayne Keeling.  He has, not just one, but two, Brannock Devices (from Episode 255).  See Episode 267.

GizWizSearch on Steroids

DGW fan, computer coder, magician and miracle worker (all right, let's stop there) Ludwik Trammer has added an exciting feature to GizWizSearch.  All the episodes of DGW have been tagged, and you can search via tags.  For example, search for products with LED lights, or just for Wacky Gadgets, which is quite a list.  The tagging has been done with a lot of help from Ryan Waterer (who did most of the tagging), and only a little help from yours truly.  Most of the credit should go to Ludwik and Ryan.

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