Daily Giz Wiz 730: Polaroid Instant Slides

Episode 730 of the podcast

Polaroid Instant Slides
Subject: Review of Polaroid Instant Slides
Released:Friday 26 December 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Polaroid Instant Slides.

Detailed information

Polaroid made its name in instant photographs, but also ventured into instant slides.  Dick unearthed this gadget from the Gadget Warehouse recently (see Episode 683).  Here's how the Instant Slide Autoprocessor worked, according to Jim's Web:
"The developing process was simple.  Place the film and developing pack into the AutoProcessor, crank the film through to develop, rewind it, and you're done.  The developing pack was broken open by the autoprocessor, and the 'strip sheet' was wound out, coated with developer, and sandwiched together with the film.  The sandwich was wound around a spool, where it would sit for the recommended developing time (from one to four minutes).   After the developing time was done, the process was reversed.  The film and strip sheet were wound back into their respective containers. During the rewinding process, the strip sheet would separate the negative from the positive on the film and rewind the negative and strip sheet into the developing pack for disposal.  The film canister was then removed from the AutoProcessor with the developed slides in it and inserted into the special slide mounter to be mounted in the Polaroid-designed slide mounts.  The slide mounter was basically automatic after the film leader was cut off and the first slide was mounted. Each time I did it, the speed and simplicity of the process amazed me."

Early Adapters

Polaroid also developed a Polacolor Instant Movie Film, but not even Dick, himself an early "adapter", would buy it. He did buy the Polaroid Instant Slide Autoprocessor.

Weekly Giz Wiz

Bob Forbes, from Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, thinks that the Daily Giz Wiz is the most entertaining netcast on the internet.  He usually downloads all 5 shows of the week in one go, but most of the time his Samsung MP3 player plays the episodes in the wrong order.  He wonders if Leo could create a single file for the whole week for him to download.  Leo doesn't think there's enough demand for it.  Dick chips in to say there isn't any demand at all for the show, and says the other listener doesn't want it.

Book Rights

When Dick's Good Days And Mad first came out, a Hollywood producer rang him up and asked Dick if he had sold the film rights to the book yet, and added, "What's your book about?"

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