Daily Giz Wiz 736: Lorex Wireless CCTV

Episode 736 of the podcast

Lorex Wireless CCTV
Subject: Review of Lorex Wireless CCTV
Released:Monday 5 January 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Keep an eye on things with the digital hopping, night vision, indoor-outdoor Lorex Wireless CCTV.

Detailed information

The Lorex LW2101 comes with a slim receiver and a wireless security camera.  The camera uses 2.4GHz digital wireless technology (as opposed to older 2.4 GHz analogue) which is secure (with synchronised digital channel hopping, or frequency hopping spread spectrum technology), and interference-free.  The wireless range is 450 ft line of sight.

The camera is colour TV, with digital zooming-tilting-panning enabled, weather resistant (indoor/outdoor use), with night vision capability (infrared) for no or low light situations.  A battery pack comes included for the camera to make it portable.  The camera captures both audio and video (up to 640 x 480).  The system can take up to 4 security cameras, and you can add other types of camera compatible with the LW2101, such as a baby monitor.  You can also hook it up to any TV/monitor or DVR, and additional receivers.

Technology Exhibitions

Tomorrow Dick is off to CES 2009, for a pre-show demonstration of an "indestructible hard drive", while Leo will be at MacWorld Expo doing MacBreak Weekly live.  He will be giving the last keynote at MacWorld this year.

Festive Letters Jingle Lives On

Christmas celebration does not stop on 25th December here in Puerto Rico, says Ernesto Rodriguez.  It goes on for another 8 days after Christmas (the Octavus), past 3 Kings' Day, i.e. all the way to 6th January.  So the Festive Letters Jingle should play on.  Yes, that's the 12 days of Christmas.  Ernesto thinks there should also be a Latin version of the Letters Jingle.

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