Daily Giz Wiz 497: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager

Episode 497 of the podcast

Eikon Digital Privacy Manager
Subject: Review of Eikon Digital Privacy Manager
Released:Tuesday 5 February 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

It's Turn The Tables Tuesday, and Leo verifies his fingerprint on both Mac and Windows with the UPEK Eikon Digital Privacy Manager.

Detailed information

The Eikon from Upek is a USB fingerprint reader, compatible with Windows and Mac, for use as a Privacy Manager.  Just install the software to ensure security for access to various functions on your computer.  Swipe your finger over Eikon to log on to your Windows or Mac, switch users, access your websites or special applications.  Your finger image itself is not stored.  Only a mathematical representation (an encrypted template) of your finger print is used.

Criswell Strikes Again

Leo said on a previous TTTT (Episode 487) that the voice in the Meade MySky was Sandy Wood of the podcast StarDate, and Leo really liked him.  Criswell, who has corrected Dick and Leo twice before (Episodes 176, 442), corrects Leo again.  Sandy Wood is a she.  Criswell also says 87% of Criswell's predictions have come true, and suggests certain tips for helping Leo with his gender issue.  Leo thanks "him" for writing.  Not sure.  Our own DGW Amazing Criswell may well be a "she" as well (see Episode 176).

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