Daily Giz Wiz 822: ZephIR

Episode 822 of the podcast

Subject: Review of ZephIR
Released:Tuesday 5 May 2009
Length:about 21 minutes
Download file:dgw0822.mp3 (9.8 MB)

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Short info

Give your personal computer the ability to control your home theater system with the ZephIR.

Detailed information

The ZephIR is a device that connects to your Mac's USB port, and allows you to remotely control your other home theatre devices through your Mac using infra-red, such as your DVD player, cable-box, the EyeTV 250 Plus (Episode 582), or the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick (Episode 777).  It is Apple-scriptable and works with the EyeTV software on the Mac.  The software allows you to create "desktop remotes" - windows or user interfaces on your Mac with clickable buttons that send IR signals to your devices.  Windows and Linux versions will be available soon.

Calisto Pro

As usual, Leo bought another gadget "for Jennifer", the Calisto Pro (Episode 803).  As usual, it's ended up with Leo, at the TWiT Cottage.

Shred It If You Can

Al Van Dyke (alvandyke on Twitter) from Burlington, Kentucky, has some information to share about Staples shredders (the last one being the 10-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder in Episode 808).  Frank Abagnale, the subject of the film Catch Me If You Can, an ex-conman turned security consultant, was involved with Staples and the design of the shredders.
In 2006, Frank Abagnale also went on a tour organised by Staples called "Shred Across America" to raise awareness of identity theft, when Staples was releasing the MailMate Shredder (Episode 223).  See the press release.

A MAD Parlay

Dick has put together 3 recent MAD issues which have been much sought after: the Obama "Yes We Can't" cover, the Obama "First 100 Days", and MAD 500, for $29.99.  You can order from Dick's MAD Stuff.

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