Daily Giz Wiz 821: Senz Umbrella

Episode 821 of the podcast

Senz Umbrella
Subject: Review of Senz Umbrella
Released:Monday 4 May 2009
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Navigate the wind and rain better with the aerodynamically designed Senz Umbrella.

Detailed information

In a rainstorm, most umbrellas are rendered useless, buckling or flipping inside out when the wind picks up.  From the Netherlands, the Senz Umbrella comes to our rescue.  It is a specially designed umbrella which can withstand very high wind speeds.  It's got a strong frame, with no pointed ends which are a hazard in a crowded environment.  Its shape takes account of aerodynamics so that strong air currents can go past over and under the umbrella without doing damage to it.  It also has a longer tail so that your back is more sheltered from the rain than conventional umbrellas.  Available now in North America, Europe and Japan.  US listeners can check out Spoon Sisters (stock available now) and Totes-Isotoner.

It comes in 3 models: Mini, Original and XL (withstanding gales of up to 40, 70 and 70 mph respectively, in ascending sizes).  Watch the demo of the Senz in the hurricane machine test:

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From NYC to New England, from California to Rhode Island

As listeners of past episodes know, Leo was born in New York City (Episodes 64 and 342).  After his family moved to New England, where Leo grew up, they had a house built in 1806, which Mama Laporte restored to its original condition, and filled it with period furniture and antiques.  In 1971, they moved to California.  Then in 1991, Leo's parents moved to Rhode Island, found another house also built in 1806, and again turned it into a period home.  They have since sold that house, and now live in a modern house in Cranston.

The Next Giz Wiz Visit

Dick will be visiting the TWiT Cottage at Petaluma later this year, for Episode 900.

Priceless Memories

Blue Green Yoshi (who last wrote in Episode 674) writes in to recommend the autobiography of Bob Barker, host of "The Price Is Right", compere of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for many years, and an animal rights campaigner.  "Priceless Memories" is available on audible.com, written by Bob Barker and Digby Diehl, and narrated by Bob Barker himself.  If you haven't got an account yet, sign up at audible.com/gizwiz.

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