Daily Giz Wiz 85: Atari Video Music

Episode 85 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Atari Video Music
Released:Friday 16 June 2006
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

From the classic gadget warehouse, the Atari Video Music machine, perfect for your next disco party.

Detailed information

From the mid-1970s.  Connect your music source to the Atari Video Music, and connect the output to a TV, and a colour light show appears on the TV.  Precusor to the modern-day visualiser.  It had wood grained sides and a silver faceplate and lots of buttons and dials, but no read-out.  With the buttons and 5 knobs you could custom-make your own effects on TV.  Colour bars would dance, bounce, wipe, fade in and out, and gyrate to the beat of the music.  According to Dick, some of the patterns looked like a crazy Navajo blanket morph.  When it first came out it was wildly expensive like $200 or $225.  Less than a year later Dick bought it on sale for $29.95.

Dick's First Atari

Dick and Leo loved their old Ataris.  Dick's first Atari had 16KB of memory.


Dick had a disco on his boat, fully decked out with a mirrored ball, chaser lights, dancing waters and infinity floor and he connected up the Atari Video Music for his disco parties.

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