Daily Giz Wiz 894: Stanton T.55 Turntable

Episode 894 of the podcast

Stanton T.55 Turntable
Subject: Review of Stanton T.55 Turntable
Released:Thursday 13 August 2009
Length:about 25 minutes
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Short info

Spin real vinyl and convert to MP3s with the Stanton T.55 Turntable.

Detailed information

Stanton has been making cartridges for turntables for many years, and with the resurgence of turntables and vinyls, it's making new USB Turntables as well.  The T.55 USB is a belt driven turntable (using the Stanton 500.v3 cartridge) with USB and RCA outputs for converting vinyl music into digital form (with the free Audacity software).  For a more expensive direct drive equivalent, there is the T.92 USB.

Vinyl Resurgence

For an ABC News report on the recent rise of the vinyl, click here.

Scoundrels and the Way They Part You from Your Money

The biggest live audience Dick's had was probably about 1,500, when he gave a cruise lecture on the QE2 on scoundrels' schemes and scams.  Check out Episode 225 again for a fuller story of the lecture, and Dick's original story on the Mitey Mixer (later covered in Episode 870).

TWiT Home Office Suggestions

Chris Walker has more suggestions for the location of the TWiT Home Office: Possum Grape in Arkansas, Siberia in California, Bloody Corners in Ohio, and Mars in Pennsylvania.

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