Daily Giz Wiz 893: The Knife And Fork Lift

Episode 893 of the podcast

The Knife And Fork Lift
Subject: Review of The Knife And Fork Lift
Released:Wednesday 12 August 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Get in shape as you lose weight with the Knife And Fork Lift.

Detailed information

A bit of a gag gift designed by Tom Madden, the Knife and Fork Lift takes a different approach towards dieting from the Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller (Episode 466).  It's and knife and fork set, weighted down like a pair of dumbbells (and we're not talking about Dick and Leo).


The Knife and Fork Lift carries with it a disclaimer, just as Leo's show TWiT Fit does (and as should all of Leo's shows).  The Daily Giz Wiz has its own disclaimer - created by Dan Lueders - see Episode 601.

Giz Wiz Meetup - As Planned

At the time of recording, Dick and Leo were still planning the meetup.  Eric Shank from Wild Planet would be taking along the Beat Blender, which he invented, for a demonstration.  Leo had great plans too and hoped to take  with him his Verizon MiFi ("Don't leave home without it" is Leo's new slogan), his new Olympus EP-1 Micro Four Thirds camera and Ozzy the Papillon.  To cap it all, he might a grand entrance in his Terratrike.

Giz Wiz Meetup - As it Happened

Very little of what Leo "planned" materialised.  Despite that, everyone had fun last night.  John Slanina, better known as jammerb was there and was kind enough to post a slideshow of some of the photos he took at the meetup soon after the meet-up.  Don't miss the last photograph - it's a very special Spork.

Julie Bernstein of FunCrunch has also posted her pics taken at the TWiT Cottage (during the recording session) and at the meetup.  Here's her set of photos.

Dick in Petaluma and TWiT Cottage

Dick had a grand time in California this time.  He appeared on Leo's radio show on Sunday, went on the Wine Train on Monday, had a test run in listeners Darrell and Marilyn Holmquist's new Tesla yesterday, after which he and Leo went back to the TWiT Cottage for a fun time recording next week's shows, including Episode 900.  Fans have made lovely gifts for Dick and Leo for Episode 900, and so don't miss the show.  If you can't wait, go to odtv.me to watch or download the video - but don't forget to download the audio podcasts still, as TWiT needs the numbers for podtrac and the sponsors.

Presto Saves the Day

Marcia Richardson installed the Presto OS (Episode 834) on her Toshiba laptop.  Her windows installation was attacked by a dastardly virus but she was able to continue using the machine by booting into Presto.  Finally, some good came out of the show!

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