Daily Giz Wiz 895: StarCase Lock Deicer

Episode 895 of the podcast

StarCase Lock Deicer
Subject: Review of StarCase Lock Deicer
Released:Friday 14 August 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: StarCase Lock De-Icer

Detailed information

During the winter, the lock on Dick's houseboat could get frozen.  Dick used to use this StarCase Lock De-Icer to defreeze the lock.  It had a heated pick which would extend from its protective shield into the keyhole to melt the ice.

Lock De-Icers

Little can be found on the web of the StarCase Lock De-Icer now.  hwrountrees.com still has a listing of an out-of-stock StarCase model.  On Amazon, you can still find both the "heated pick"-style de-icers (including some which look remarkably similar to the StarCase model) and "aerosol"-style de-icers.

Savage Winter

Dick makes light of Roz Savage's voyage across the Pacific.  So she rows through the Pacific in the warmth of the tropics, but has she tried the savage winter on the Hudson?

Trademarks and Patents

While Leo is having issues with the TWiT trademark, listener John R Henry CPP has been busy patenting his own invention, which serves the purpose similar to that of the Shake-It-Up Milk Bottle (Episode 835).  His idea is a container with 2 chambers keeping 2 types of ingredients separate, but with a mechanism for mixing them only when you want to do so.  Cereals and milk is one application.  You can check out his patent filings here and there.

CPP Again

The first time John R Henry had his letter read out on the show was Episode 439.  Dick and Leo had fun guessing what CPP stood for.  This time around, they had more fun guessing what CPP stands for.  The answer can be found in Episode 490 - Certified Packaging Professional.

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