Daily Giz Wiz 90: Iomega Click

Episode 90 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Iomega Click
Released:Friday 23 June 2006
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

Back to Dick's Warehouse for the Iomega Clik! Clik! was an entire digital memory system built around a silver dollar sized 40 MB Clik! Disc. It came along in the late 1990's.There was a Clik! Desktop PC version which used the parallel port. Later a USB version came along, but it was too late since so many other memory options were hitting the marketplace, including the much smaller and easier to use Thumb or Flash Drive. I used the PCMCIA card adapter version and at one time I had the entire Clik! kit, which was a lot of stuff! You got the Clik! desktop docking station which had a pass-through parallel port interface, a five-volt AC adapter, a memory card reader with LCD display, rechargeable battery and a carrying case. You could attach the battery to the flash memory reader for travel and the Flash Memory Reader had separate slots to read Compact Flash and Smart Flash media. There was a small LCD display on the reader with icons for the drive and memory cards a digital gauge let you know the percentage of the Clik! disk that was full. That kit was about $200. A 40MB Clik! Disc cost about $10 if you bought a pack of 10.

Detailed information

Released in 1999, the Iomega Clik disk had a 40MB capacity and was intended as an alternative to larger capacity Zip disks.  The disk itself was small enough, but the Clik drive was much bigger, and the whole setup (complete with, card reader or drive, power adapter and cables) was a bit clunky.  It started with a PC Desktop version with a parallel port.  Then came a USB version, and a PCMCIA card version.  A small LCD display on the card reader showed icons for the drive and memory cards.  A digital gauge let you know the percentage of disk usage.

StarTAC Clip-On Organiser

The Clik Drive reminds Dick of the StarTAC Clip-On Organiser.  For its coverage on DGW, see Episode 185.

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