Daily Giz Wiz 131: Coleman Remote Control Camp Light

Episode 131 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Coleman Remote Control Camp Light
Released:Monday 21 August 2006
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

A tent light with remote control, so you can scare away the varmints before you venture foot inside.

Detailed information

A tent light by camping specialist Coleman that gets attached to the roof of the tent by magnetic force.  The remote works from about 20 feet away.  There's a non-remote-control version, or as Dick calls it, the nun remote control version.

Dog Days of Summer

Leo reads from Wikipedia an explanation for the "Dog Days of Summer", and Dick wonders how his own morph gets on to Dick's entry on Wikipedia.  The morph has now been taken off, though.

Alfred E Newman - a biography

Learn about Alfred E Newman's origins and how Al Jaffee came to name him Alfred E Newman.  And more on the history of Mad Magazine, including its early days as a comics book.  Or, read Maria Reidelbach's book Completely Mad.

Mad Minute

First housing project from Alfred E Newman's own corporation Alfco, the Leaning Tower.

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