Daily Giz Wiz 221: Startech 4-in-1 AV Switch

Episode 221 of the podcast

Startech 4-in-1 AV Switch
Subject: Review of Startech 4-in-1 AV Switch
Released:Monday 25 December 2006
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Startech 4-in-1 Audio Video Switch lets you connect up to four component devices to your TV.

Detailed information

Link: StarTech
Running out of Component inputs at the back of your TV?  The StarTech Converge 4-to-1 AV Switch gives you a few more.  Connect the box to a component input on your TV.  At the back of the box are 4 component inputs to which you can connect 4 input devices.  The remote control allows you to choose which input to use.

Not For Sale

DGW is not for sale to companies that sell digital cables with gold-plated jacks, but long-term lease enquiries are welcome.

Microsoft Bob

Steve L from New Jersey points out that the product manager of Microsoft Bob (Episode 215) was one Melinda French, now Mrs Bill Gates.

The Social

Leo looks up the Merriam Webster Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary for the meaning of "social" (The Zune, Episode 202) as a noun.  He tries to find the British Heritage Dictionary.  Really.  How about something from Oxford?

No Mad Minute

No Mad Minute yet.  Leo has yet to sort out the tapes.

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