Daily Giz Wiz 574: Kingston microSD Reader

Episode 574 of the podcast

Kingston microSD Reader
Subject: Review of Kingston microSD Reader
Released:Thursday 22 May 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0574.mp3 (7.2 MB)

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Short info

The Kingston microSD Reader is a 4GB flash drive with microSD card reader.

Detailed information

The Kingston DataTraveler has evolved from a simple USB Thumb Drive (Episode 83), to an SD Card Reader (Episode 353), and now to a microSD Card Reader.  The DataTraveler Micro Reader has capacities of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB built-in flash memory, and opens up to reveal a microSD card slot to read and write data to and from your microSD card, now a prevalent format in cellphones.  It supports microSD-HC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) as well.  The microSD card is not included.

Kingston also offers an almost confusing array of alternatives.  The name of the model, DataTraveler, means the device includes built-in flash memory.  But you can get just the USB microSD reader (without the built-in flash memory), with a microSD card (which is the album art for this episode's mp3), or without a card.  There is also the Kingston Mobility Kit (Episode 383) which contains adapters for all the SD sub-formats.  All in a thumb drive design.

Señor Wences ...

... aka Wenceslao Moreno, was a ventriloquist who performed on shows including the Ed Sullivan Show with his puppets Johnny (Wences's hand with a blond wig), and Pedro (a head in a box), who bore a striking resemblance to the very Giz Wiz himself.  Wences died aged 103 in 1999.  You can read his entry on Wikipedia.  Here is a video on YouTube of a performance by Señor Wences.  Pedro appears in the video at the 1:30 mark.

[play video]

Video Toaster on the Amiga 2000

Leo's reference to Newtek's Video Toaster in the Snappy episode (Episode 565) did not invoke any nostalgia in Paul Watson.  He still has the Video Toaster working on his original Amiga 2000, along with Final Cut Pro on his Intel Mac Pro!

For an archived video of the Video Toaster on an Amiga 2000, go back to the blog post for Episode 565.

Repurposing Lumpy

Dick suggests that Carvel's Lumpy the Whale (more commonly known as Fudgie) should be repurposed as Leo the Loopy.  To revisit Dick and Leo's repartee on Lumpy the Whale, check out Episodes 347, 357 and 535.

President and Biz Dev Guy

Apart from getting a new uniform and a No.1 Badge, Dane Golden has been promoted to President and Biz Dev Guy of TWiT.  Leo is also going to get a part-time editor to edit the shows to free up Dane so he can bring Leo his cup of broth and blanket, prune the trees and mow the lawn in the TWiT garden, and drive Dick to and from the San Francisco Airport on a stretch Volkswagen when Dick appears on TWiTLive.

To learn more about Leo's new crew at the TWiT Cottage, including Colleen and Frédérique, read his recent blog post TWiT Live Update.

Off to Nova Scotia

Dick is off to Nova Scotia today, on the Queen Mary 2, but will return to base on Tuesday to record more DGWs.

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