Daily Giz Wiz 310: Radar Watchdog Intrusion Alarm

Episode 310 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Radar Watchdog Intrusion Alarm
Released:Friday 11 May 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse, the barking Radar Watchdog Intrusion Alarm.

Detailed information

From about the mid-90s, you could put this machine behind the door when you were away.  The radar sensor could detect movement outside the door, and the Radar Watchdog would emit the vicious growls of one dog, two dogs, or a siren alarm, to scare away any potential intruders.
A similar and more recent product can be found here.

Mad Physical

After Time Warner acquired Mad, the executives had to take an annual physical test.  Bill Gaines used to send Lenny Brenner the assistant art director of Mad to take the physical.

Once Bil Gaines was sent to a "fat farm" by his wife.  He had people smuggled food in for him.  He gained 5 pounds after the treatment.

The Leo Disease

Larry from Harrisburg has caught the Leo Disease.  He's bought the LG Chocolate (Episode 147), the PicooZ Helicopter (Episode 204), Pzizz (Episode 177), and the Xacti C40 (Episode 214).  But if there is a cure, he doesn't want to know about it.

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